Initial Plans for Astral Crypto

Hi AC,

Here are our initial plans for Astral Crypto moving forward.

As a basic summary, this website will be used as a resource tool for news, research, analysis, and discussion about cryptocurrency and blockchain techonologies. Those who use CE will benefit from our community’s helpful specialized knowledge of emerging crypto technologies and economies.

These are the plans:

1. Continue basic updates and construction of our online presence.

In the short term (next 6 months) this includes: Creating a new banner and logo, creating and maintaining a forum space for discussion, writing terms and conditions, privacy policy, and comment policy, updating the website’s toolbar, providing more outside resources to news, tutorials, technolgy information, and economy, updating the website’s general appearance and layout, create twitter, facebook, youtube accounts, and other social media presence.

In the long term (6+ months) this includes: Display of an updating market price ticker, integration with blogs, articles, and other communities, upgrade website service capabilities for increasing website demand, discussion for marketing of cryptocurrency projects on site. More to come as ideas progress.

2. Find active and passionate community members to write, discuss, participate, and grow.

These members will become the backbone of AC and eventually may be promoted to administrator and moderator positions, as well as potential positions as bloggers, writers, researchers, analysts, coders, engineers, graphic designers, community servicers, marketers, etc. The community will drive this project.

3. Write articles, host articles, and link videos about cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

CE will be a resource for news and information. As such, I will personally be writing and publishing articles on AC, and I will also provide a space for the community to create and publish verified articles and videos about cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. These articles will provide our community with specific news and information related to cryptocurrency. I also plan to link to outside articles that are relevant and valuable to our community.

4. Create a databse with information on available cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects, and other similar technological projects.

This database can be used as a research resource to those looking to learn more about the vast number of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies available. In the short term (next 6 months), I would like to have a database with a summary and basic economic and technological information of the top (200 or more) cryptocurrencies. Eventually (6+ months) this database will expand to provide in depth information on market trends, partnerships, roadmap goals, etc. of every available cryptocurrency and blockchain project on the market.

5. Create a learning center for those interested in becoming a part of the cryptocurrency community, and for those who wish to continue their education within the community.

Learning center. The learning center will offer information on the basics of blockchain (and similar) technologies. It will offer information and tutorials on how to purchase, trade, store, and cash out cryptocurrency. It will provide users with basic summaries of technological and economic information, along with more in-depth information for crypto technologies and economies.

Economy. We will have a section explaining the intricacies of the cryptocurrency economy, how cryptocurrencies are valued through supply and demand, perception, use cases, news, partnerships, team members, marketing, etc. It will also explain the basics of how a cryptocurrency’s circulating supply is related to its coin price and market capitalization.

Technology. We will have a section explaining the technology, the value and use of blockchain and similar techonolgies in society. It will explain the basics and details of the code, networks, storage, etc. It will explain how the technology can be used to benefit internet security, financial transactions, supply chain logisitics, etc.

6. Outreach to society. Act as diplomats to common everday people, and influence governments to protect the crypto space.

As a united community, we will have the ability to bring this techonolgy to the world. Together we can achieve the power and influence in society to help people understand the revolutionary benefits of blockchain (and similar) technologies, and  to also understand the possible drawbacks this market may also bring. We can use the community as a space to organize and impact governmental relations, ensuring that they are made based on informed decisions that provide benefit to society, rather than out of fear or apprehension of a rapidly emerging technology.

7. Expand.

In the long term, this project may expand into other areas of cryptocurrency law, business, and technology.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this. I am excited for our first steps to create a wonderful community. Any questions or comments can be posted here after signing up.

– Guitar

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